Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund, LLC


Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund, LLC

Supporting Small Businesses through SBRE Lending.

8% Minimum Targeted Annual Return
Why Alternative Investments

Why Alternative Investments?

Alternative Investments are exploding in value. Check out the GaryVee Audio Experience segment on CNBC’s Fast Money to learn why.

Why Our Alternative Investment Opportunity?

  • Untapped Market
  • Footprint in the Midwest
  • Highly-Niched Product
  • Sustainable, Socially Responsible ESG Investment
  • 60% of our loans are in underserved communities.

About Our Fund

Using capital raised through the Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund, Prospera makes direct, real estate-backed loans to small business owners and real estate investors who do not qualify for conventional financing.

Our Fund is structured to:

  • Preserve and protect investor capital
  • Provide reliable income potential
  • Minimize risk through diversification

Our Investors Help Make a Difference in Communities Across the Midwest

See our SBRE loan solutions in action.

Here’s How Investing With Us Works:


Investors purchase shares of the Fund.

$100,000 Minimum Investment


The Fund originates/purchases qualified mortgage investments.


Pool of mortgage investments drives the Fund’s ROI potential.


The Fund distributes proceeds to investors through cash flow and/or reinvests in new opportunities.

  • 8% Minimum Targeted Annual Return
  • 13% Actual Average Annual Return since fund inception in 2015
    Neither the Fund nor PAG makes any guarantees, promises, representations, or warranties regarding the future performance of the Fund.

SBRE & Today’s Opportunity

SBRE loans are below $2 Million. Due to a lack of capital available to our target prospect pool, we have brokered over $60 Million in loan opportunities. Our current $20 Million deal pipeline includes:

  • Apartment refinances, apartment purchase, land loan refinance and purchase
  • Small businesses that did not receive PPP loans using real estate as collateral to secure working capital
  • Covid-19 factored into end values

First Mortgage Position

All loans are secured by the value of the underlying real estate.


See our SBRE loan solutions in action in our communities.