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Prospera Advisory Group seeks, maintains, and nurtures strong relationships with banks, accountants, and attorneys throughout the Midwest. In addition, we enjoy a nationwide referral network of commercial brokers. It is through this network we expand our reach into our communities – opening the door to Midwestern-based businesses seeking the capital they need to grow and thrive.

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Our Loans At A Glance


Loan Parameters Overview

Interest Rates:Starting at 9%
Amortization:Interest only with no prepayment penalty
LTV:Up to 70% ARV
Origination Fee:Up to 3%
Loan Terms:Up to 12 months
Loan Size:Minimum loan size $50,000
Lending Area:Nationwide
Draws:Each draw will require an inspection
Required Reserves:Minimum 10% after closing
Borrower Down Required:Minimum 10%


Items Needed


2 year personal/business tax returns

Purchase contract

List of renovation

Tri-merge credit report

W-2 pay stub

2 months bank statements


Through our proprietary mortgage fund, we actively seek short to medium-term real estate secured bridge loans. We work with local originators, like your teams and deal makers (“Sponsors”) to acquire real estate loan investments for our fund.

Why consider partnering with PAG?

We provide options that you can deliver to your clients. When a deal doesn’t hit your sweet spot, PAG can provide financing while you maintain the relationship. With a partnership with PAG, you stay in front of your clients, providing them a valued resource instead of sending them to your competition.

Everyone WINS! The client obtains the loan they need, and you remain their go-to financing solution provider – deepening your existing relationship.


Lending Parameters Overview

Interest Rates:9% - 13%
LTV:Up to 65%
Origination Fee:1 - 5% taken at closing
Loan Terms:1 - 2 years, Interest Only
Loan Size:$100,000 to $2,000,000
Lending Area:All Metropolitan Areas in Midwest
Credit:No FICO score
Property Types:Income Producing Properties

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