Risk vs. Reward related to Debt vs. Equity Funds

Education, Webinars

If a real estate crash happens tomorrow, would your investments be secure? How do any of us know when the next market crash may happen? As an accredited investor, you have likely experienced many “ups and downs” and have a focus on preservation as well as growth.

In this webinar, Richard Adiansingh and Ralph Abbott of Prospera Investments discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of private real estate debt and equity funds.

Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) loans are defined as real estate-backed loans below $2 Million. Due to a lack of capital available to our target prospect pool, we have brokered over $60 Million in loan opportunities. Our current $20 Million deal pipeline includes:

  • Apartment refinances, apartment purchase, land loan refinance and purchase
  • Small businesses that did not receive PPP loans using real estate as collateral to secure working capital
  • Covid-19 factored into end values

All loans are secured by the value of the underlying real estate.