Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund Presentation

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Our vision at Prospera Investments is to offer our investors the opportunity to consistently earn a steady income and achieve financial freedom.

Did you know that a one-time investment of $100,000 from your IRA at age 40 in a mortgage pool yielding 9% compounded monthly (interest being reinvested) could grow to over $932,521 by the time you retire at age 65?

You could then withdraw over $22,483.07 per quarter in distribution for 25 years!

Join Prospera Advisory Group Principals Ralph Abbot and Richard Adiansingh for a brief presentation on the Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund.

The Prospera Mortgage Investment Fund gives accredited investors the opportunity to passively invest in a private debt fund that lends to small-balance real estate in the Midwest US. Our Fund is a private lender that issues mortgages to borrowers and does not directly invest in real estate.

Therefore, your money is sheltered from the ups and downs of the real estate market. You can avoid the headaches of ownership while gaining the opportunity to profit in this critical economic sector.

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